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"Prześliczna Wiolonczelistka"

I was thinking very long what to write about. But yesterday Wojciech Młynarski died. He was one of the greatest Polish poet. He wrote many songs. "Prześliczna Wiolonczelistka" is one of his songs.

"Prześliczna Wiolonczelistka" ("Beautiful cellist") was sung by Skaldowie, and released in 1968 in the album "Cała jesteś w skowronkach". It was composed by Andrzej Zieliński and lyrics were written by Wojciech Młynarski. The woman who inspired Młynarski to write lyrics was Anawa - Anna Wójtowicz. She  was a cellist in Skaldowie.

In 1971 Skaldowie recorded this song in German - "Das is die Violoncellistin" and after a year in Russian.

The song was olso sung by Skaldowie with changed lyrics - as a "Beautiful receptionist".

 The song is very popular and was covered many times, especially during competitions.

Polish satirist Artur Andrus wrote lyrics about nasty cello - "Paskudny wiolonczelista", and sung it with MoCart Group. I didn't find the translation of lyrics, but I try to tell you what the song is about ;)

It seemed the fame is already standing at the door,
Recognition and applause and MTV,
Champagne in dressing rooms in Paris and Bonn,
But how do you like it, when his coming in?

Nasty cellist, la, la , la, la
The special sign, la,la, la, la
Without prospective la, la, la, la
Life wreck la, la, la, la

We found him in the forest, he told us that
His name is Wiesiek, and he don't eat much.
That he lost hope, that fate will give him something
That he's not pretty, but he plays well.

 Nasty cellist
Maybe someone wants buy back him from us.
He's faithful like a dog
Fragrant like liliac
He's ugly but not stupid 

Newspaper or beret to cover his face
and children won't be scared anymore
In the evening over the bed you will hang him and
Lullabies to your ear, Wiesio will hum to you

Lyrics written by Wojciech Młynarczyk:

Though I know a hundred syphonies by heart
Still rush the philharmonic, because there
Right next to the conductor decked out in tailcoat
She's sitting, excited about her role

Gorgeous vio violo violoncellist la la la
Gorgeous vio violo violoncellist
Her eyes shining, la la la, her lips trembling la la la
When she la la la presses the strings

Muse is banding over her forehead
Cos that's the moment has come
And a great conductor gives a sign with his baton
Ans she, inspired, she will play like this

La la la la la la la la la la la
La la la la la la la la la la

Gorgeous vio violo violoncellist la la la
Eh, grip her and giddy-up to the end of the world
Her eyes shining la la la la, let the hearts tremble la la la la
Let the spring in set la la la la go wild in flowers

And she will be by me, I'll be where she will
And her Polyhymnia won't be bad
That other conductor will give a sign with his baton
For two hearts to sing together like

La la la la la la la la la la la
La la la la la la la la la la la

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